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File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF was invented in early 90s as a file format that always looks identical on any device or operating system. The project was called “The Camelot Project” and succeed in turning paper workflow into a digital format. PDFs don't rely on any kind of a software, hardware, or operating system.
Technical Details: The PDF format has become a standard for document transfer between computer architectures due to PDF retains formatting for the file being transmitted and there are numerous viewing programs available. The PDF format allows you to embed the necessary fonts (line-by-line text), vector and bitmap images, forms and multimedia elements.

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15 June 1993
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How to type a check mark in a PDF in seconds

Add checkmark PDF

Checking things off can bring a great deal of satisfaction, psychologists say. However, that’s not the case when it comes to adding them to non-fillable PDF documents. When working with this type of file, you might think that your only option is to draw a checkmark manually, either on a printed document or by using image editing. But that’s a huge hassle, and you might end up with wobbly and clumsy checkmarks. To create professional-looking ones, you need a reliable service. Here’s how to check a box in PDF using our free tool. 

How to check a box in PDF

  1. Upload a document or drag and drop one into the highlighted field. 
  2. Click the check-mark icon in the top left corner.
  3. Drag and place the check box.
  4. Click the icon again to add a new check mark in PDF.
  5. Click Save and Download to download the document. 

Now that you’ve learned how to type a check mark, you might also want to discover more tools for annotating a PDF. With our advanced editor, you can add text boxes, blackout, underline or highlight text, and even add comments using sticky notes. In addition to the annotation tool, you can also take advantage of features that help create documents from scratch or based on templates, edit them, e-sign them, or turn them into interactive fillable forms. 

Watch a short video guide on how to type a check mark in a PDF

Discover the simplest way to add a check mark in a PDF. No strings attached. There’s no need to pay for anything or create an account. Upload a document, add symbols, and download the annotated document!

The Ultimate Features Comparison Chart

Take a few minutes and review the comparison table between the most popular services to see why hundreds of thousands of daily users choose our platform. Join our community and checkmark PDFs easier and faster than ever!

View & edit
Split PDF βœ” βœ” βœ”
Merge PDF βœ” βœ” βœ”
Combine & Reorder βœ” ❌ ❌
Extract Pages βœ” ❌ ❌
Compress PDF βœ” βœ” ❌
Rotate PDF βœ” βœ” ❌
No software downloads βœ” βœ” ❌
Cloud storage Unlimited No info No info
Price Free Free 7-Day Trial paid Free 7-Day Trial paid
Encryption and security βœ” βœ” βœ”
Support 24/7/365 No info βœ”
No ads βœ” βœ” βœ”

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How to add checkmark a PDF file

Want to have a neat, easy to share, and cross-platform document? Use our web service and enjoy fast and high-quality conversion results.

How to insert a checkmark into a PDF online

Looking for a program that can insert checkmarks into PDFs? Avoid large software that’ll take up your device’s memory and/or slow it down. We recommend using online services. Have you heard of AltoPDF’s suite of tools for online document management? One of its many tools is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Follow the instructions below to add checkmarks to your PDF files online:

  1. Open your browser. Go to in your preferred browser. 
  2. Import a document. Select Choose File to upload a doc from your device. 
  3. Modify the sample. Click Add checkmark in the top right corner and place checks where you need. 
  4. Double-check the sample and finish editing it. Click Done to close the editor. 
  5. Complete the process. Select Download Now to save the document to your device. 

Everybody wants to have the opportunity of getting quick results without complicated steps. AltoPDF gives you this opportunity. You don't even need to have an account. Get started right away. In addition to being web-based the AltoPDF suite of tools are 100% compatible with both desktop and mobile devices and all operating systems. Streamline your document management today! 

How to insert a checkmark into a PDF in Google Chrome

Almost all AltoPDF’s services have extensions that make accessing them from Chrome very easy, and thus, very helpful. Convert, rotate and delete pages, lock or unlock documents, merge, etc. Get the add on you need for adding checkmarks to your PDFs. However, if for some reason you can’t find one of the extensions, you can still use the web-version of each tool. Insert checkmarks online in just a few clicks.

Follow the guidelines below to checkmark PDFs in Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the editor. Click Choose File to find the document on your device or drag and drop one to the highlighted area. 
  2. Add checkmarks. Mark as many fields as you need using the appropriate option in the top right corner. 
  3. Double-check the sample. Make sure you've made your edits in the right places and then proceed to save your changes by clicking Done.
  4. Save the file. Click Download Now and indicate a folder for storing the document.  
  5. Access advanced editing. Enter pdfFiller if you’re interested in using more advanced tools. 

The platform is entirely free. Every user can open the website and modify documents without limitations or registering. In addition, AltoPDF is always thinking about your security. The system automatically erases the data you upload to the server after starting a new process or leaving the page. The platform's simplicity and security are critical points for anyone working with sensitive data. Plus, it’s free! Try it out now! 

How to insert a checkmark into a PDF in Windows

Adding checkmarks to PDFs isn't the most dramatic thing you could need to add to your documents, but important nonetheless. And believe it or not, many apps don’t have this feature added to their editors. However, If you think about it, Windows OS doesn't even have a native editor for Portable Document Format. Waste time looking for a solution that offers everything you need at an affordable price or use AltoPDF. 

Look at the instructions below to learn how to checkmark PDFs in Windows:

  1. Go to our website. Type into the address bar. 
  2. Upload a file. Click the Choose File button and find a document on your device or drag-and-drop one to the highlighted area. 
  3. Insert checkmarks. Use the appropriate tool found at the top of the screen and then select Done.
  4. Get your file. Click Download Now and define the folder where you want to save the doc. 
  5. Modify more documents. Select Start over again to return to the main page. 

Inserting checkmarks into PDFs only takes a few seconds if you use AltoPDF. Manage all of your PDF needs in one place without having to register an account, watch annoying ads, or pay for anything. It’s truly FREE! What other service do you know of that doesn’t have limits, is secure, free, and professional all at the same time? Get started now! 

How to insert a checkmark into a PDF in macOS

Most likely, you already know that all Apple computers have a pre-installed program called Preview. It allows you to view images and files in Portable Document Format. Highlight text, add notes, e-sign, and draw right on your samples. However, as great as Preview is, it doesn’t have a feature for inserting check marks. That’s a problem because not being able to insert checkmarks into PDFs can cause little things to become big issues. Luckily, we have a solution for you. 

Follow the steps below to add checkmarks to PDF files in macOS: 

  1. Launch AltoCheckmarkPDF. Go to the top of this page or find us on Google. 
  2. Import a document. Use cloud icons, drag-and-drop a sample to the highlighted area, or click Choose File and find it on your device. 
  3. Edit your doc. Use the Add Checkmark button to insert checkmarks. 
  4. Double-check the sample. Make sure you've added all the necessary symbols and click Done
  5. Export the file. Use cloud storage service icons to send it to Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, or click Download Now to save it to your device. 

If needed, check out our more than 25 other helpful AltoPDF services solving PDF-related problems. Each one is free and available to you without you having to create an account. With AltoPDF, you can forget about long registration processes, watching ads, and receiving spam emails. Checkmark PDFs in a couple of clicks. Get started right now!

How to insert a checkmark into a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a specialized program for filling out and editing files in Portable Document Format. It does indeed have tools for adding checkmarks to PDFs. You can do it in two ways. The first is if your document has checkboxes, just click them to add checkmarks. However, not all samples have interactive checkboxes, so sometimes you'll need to add them manually. 

Follow the instructions below to checkmark PDFs in Adobe Acrobat:

  1. Open a file in Acrobat. Right click a document and select Open With, and find Adobe Acrobat. 
  2. Prepare the document. Open the Comment panel, and select the Stamp tool. 
  3. Enable the function. Find the Sign Here menu, and use the Checkmark stamp. 
  4. Add checkmarks. Go through the sample and place checkmarks where you need them. 
  5. Save the document. Use the Save function to apply the changes or click Save As to create a new copy. 

However, before rushing to try this out for yourself, know you need to have at least Adobe Acrobat XI or higher to get access to this function. You should also check your subscription status. If your free trial period has ended, you won't have access to any functions at all until you buy a subscription. To make things easier, find a free online solution like AltoCheckmarkPDF. Upload files, add checkmarks, and export your document to your device or the cloud for free. Try it out for yourself! 

How to insert a checkmark into a PDF on mobile

Creating useful mobile versions of products is a pain point for many developers. Numerous services have websites that aren’t optimized for tablets and smartphones, which makes them inconvenient. With that, users lose out on functionality, and thus, makes it harder for them to manage documents while on the go. Fortunately, AltoPDF thinks about its users and has built a web app that’s optimized for on-the-go work. Checkmark PDFs on mobile with nothing but your phone, our website, and an internet connection. 

Follow the guidelines below to insert checkmarks into PDFs on mobile:

  1. Open a browser. Go to 
  2. Import a document. Click Choose File and select one from your device or use the cloud icons to find one in Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. 
  3. Use the editor. Tap Add checkmark and place as many as you need wherever you need in the sample. 
  4. Save changes and finish. Select Done to close the editor and go to the final screen. 
  5. Export your new file. Transfer the sample to the cloud, click Download Now, or import it to pdfFiller to edit it further. 

If you need to work with more files, click Start over again to start a new process. You can repeat the procedure as many times as you need without registering or creating accounts because the service is completely free. Check it out now and come back again whenever you need. 

How to insert a checkmark into a PDF on iOS

Find apps for both entertainment and work in the App Store. Typically these apps want access to specific functions and often save options and information that you might not want saved or acced. AltoPDF understands how inconvenient many apps are and built a web-based app that allows you to add checkmarks to PDFs without asking to save access to different functions of your device. 

Look at the instructions below to learn how to insert checkmarks into PDFs on iOS: 

  1. Launch the service. Open Safari or any other browser you prefer and go to 
  2. Upload a document. Tap Choose File to use a sample from your device or iCloud. 
  3. Place your checkmarks. Use the Add checkmark button to insert checkmarks into your sample. 
  4. Finish editing. Tap Done to go to the last screen. 
  5. Get your file. Click Download Now to save it to your device. 

On the last screen, you also have the opportunity to send your updated document right to Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. To do so, tap the icon of your preferred service below the Download Now button and permit AltoPDF to add new files. That's all you need to add checkmarks to your PDFs. Try the service out now! 

How to insert a checkmark into a PDF on Android

Using apps is the most convenient method for handling all of your work tasks while on mobile. They give you the freedom you need to work as smoothly as possible while on the go. AltoPDF realized this and has built a suite of powerful web-based tools that any Android user can access and use right from their smartphone or tablet. Our application for inserting checkmarks into PDFs is optimized for working on the go. 

Follow these step-by-step guidelines to insert checkmarks into PDFs on Android:

  1. Open Chrome, Bing or Safari. Go to
  2. Launch the editor. Click Choose File to browse for a document on your device and upload it. 
  3. Modify your sample. Select the button in the top right corner to place checkmarks where you need them. 
  4. Finish editing. Tap Done to apply changes and prepare for downloading. 
  5. Export the file. Transfer it to your preferred cloud storage or click Download Now to save the sample to your device. 

Doing business on the go is transforming the way the world operates and how we interact with our mobile devices. With AltoPDF’s help you can add checkmarks to your PDFs without your computer, registering an account, or being stuck in one while you work. Take control of your work life balance and start using AltoCheckmarkPDF’s web app today!


How do I add a checkmark to my document?

With AltoCheckmarkPDF, you need to upload a document from your device or import it from the cloud, place ticks in their places, and export the file in a preferred way. The service works pretty well on all platforms, so you can do it on any device with an internet connection.